Professors from Thailand Visited Digital Virtual Anatomy Lab


Expert professors from Praboromarajchanok, Thailand visited our virtual anatomy lab at Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Professors from Praboromarajchanok Institute (PBRI), Thailand recently visited Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine (YMUCM) and toured the virtual anatomy lab built by our company. The two parties conducted in-depth discussions on the construction and application of digital anatomy labs.

PBRI is building a new medical school and plans to introduce virtual dissection technology. The purpose of this visit is to learn from the construction experience and best practices of the virtual anatomy lab at YMUCM.

During the visit, experts from YMUCM introduced the hardware facilities, software systems, and application cases of the virtual anatomy lab to the professors from PBRI. The professors from PBRI were impressed by the realistic effects, interactivity, and powerful functions of the virtual anatomy lab.

Our company, as the builder of the virtual anatomy lab, has always been committed to applying the most advanced virtual reality technology to the field of medical education and research. We believe that virtual anatomy labs will revolutionize medical education and research and make an important contribution to improving human health.

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