The Inaugural Meeting and the First Annual Conference of the Intelligent Anatomy Branch of the Chinese Society for Anatomical Science Held Successfully


On November 24-26, the inaugural conference and the first annual academic meeting of the Intelligent Anatomy Branch of the Chinese Society for Anatomical Science was held in Jinan, Shandong Province. The conference was organized by the Chinese Anatomical Society and co-organized by Shandong Digihuman Technology Co. The first proposed members of Smart Anatomy Branch, members of the branch, experts and scholars from medical schools and hospitals across the country attended the conference together with nearly 200 people.

Focusing on human health and adapting to personalized, precise and humanized medical services, Smart Anatomy is a discipline that adopts digitalization, intelligent computation, knowledge reasoning and other core technical means to study the morphological features, laws and functions of the human body from multiple perspectives, multiple spatial scales and multiple time scales.

Intelligent Anatomy Branch, focusing on the research field of intelligent anatomy, brings together talents in anatomy, histoembryology teaching, clinical medicine, information engineering, biomaterials, artificial intelligence and other aspects to form a team for the integration of medicine + informatization, healthcare + intelligence, and to build a platform for intelligent anatomy to form a discipline group for digital medicine and healthcare construction.

The establishment of Intelligent Anatomy Branch is an event to promote the vigorous development of digital medicine in China, and Digihuman Technology, as a co-organizer, will take the lead and do our best for the development of the industry.

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