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Complete brain combination

"Digihuman Technology" builds a 3D digital anatomical model with multiple structures through high-precision digital human data, and extracts the voxels of the corresponding parts of the digital human data as We use a full-color, multi-material 3D printer and environmentally friendly colored resin materials to print high-simulation anatomical specimens. We use a full-color, multi-material 3D printer with environmentally friendly colored resin materials to print high-simulation anatomical specimens in order to provide 1:1 high-simulation physical anatomical models for the severely lacking cadaveric specimens.

Key words

Application Introduction


Complete brain combination (including functional areas of the brain, horizontal section, mid-sagittal section)

Introduction to Specimen

Material: a combination of soft and hard material                                 Data source: Digital human model

The brain model can be a full-color soft material model or a printed model that combines hardware and software. The brain surface structure of the soft-hard printed model uses soft materials, and some hard materials are added to the white matter fibers in the brainstem, diencephalon, and brain. One cerebral hemisphere is the natural color, and the other cerebral hemisphere is the functional area of the brain expressed in different colors. The sulci and gyrus on the brain surface are clear and variable, which can accurately identify the anatomical features of the brain surface. The sulcus between the gyrus can reach the depth of the real sulcus, and the gyri can be broken apart by hand, and the morphological features of the sulcus can be clearly observed, such as the deep insula of the lateral sulcus. The external anatomical structure characteristics of the brain are consistent with real brain specimens, which can correctly express the anatomical knowledge of the brain surface.


3D Printing

The selected full-color, multi-material 3D printer was used to print the digital model, which uses 3D inkjet printing technology and light-curing technology with 12 material channels for multi-material combination printing. The chosen 3D printer can realize 3D printing in accordance with a variety of modes such as single hardness material, soft and hard combination material, and transparent wrapped material.
Full color printing: Multi-channel digital full color 3D printing technology provides you with unique color configuration options to create dazzling and colorful excellence.
Multi-material printing (with eco-friendly materials): from rubber-like to rigid materials, from transparent to opaque materials, from colorless to colored materials, from standard grade materials to biocompatible materials. Diverse composite 3D printing solutions for printing complex surgical medical models for anatomy teaching, neurosurgery, cardiovascular, oncology, etc.
High efficiency printing: Up to 3840 piezoelectric holes and featured algorithms for up to 4L per hour through high-frequency jet curing, complemented by efficient post-processing equipment for faster, more accurate printing and no secondary curing.



Company Information

Shandong Digihuman Technology Co., Inc. was established in August 2015 by restructuring Shandong Echung Electronics Co., Ltd. Located within Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, it is a high-tech enterprise and double-soft enterprise in Shandong Province. The company mainly focuses on the application and R&D of the digital human body system and takes domestic leading positions in applications and R&D of multiple fields, such as China Digihuman Anatomy System, digital medical image processing, and digital medical teaching platform.

As a public company listed in the capital market, Shandong Digihuman Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and application of digital human products. Recognized as "High-tech Enterprises" and "Enterprises with Double Certifications of Software Registration and Software Business", it is equipped with research platforms including provincial "Engineering Research Center", "Software Technology Center" and "Postdoctoral Innovation & Practice Workstation" and involved in the three fields of clinical medication, medical education and life science popularization, providing epoch-making products.



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