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Digital human anatomy system integrates a large number of real human cross-sectional data into a computer to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure image of the human body. It is the result of a combination of medicine, information technology, and computer technology. It is the only digital human anatomy product based on complete Chinese sectional reconstruction at present. The content setting is close to the syllabus and easy to operate.

Key words

Application Introduction

1.  System features

The 3D human body must be reconstructed with the real data of continuous tomography of the human body without organic disease and no missing. The data shall be the tomographic data without missing segmental data. The structures such as teeth, male testis, appendix, and fat layer must be intact.

Digital human cross-sectional distance: head and neck are 0.5mm, of which the base of the skull is 0.1mm, other parts are 1.0mm, and the total tomographic data is >2100. Real human body tomographic images with cross-sectional, coronal, and sagittal planes, which can be zoomed in and out at will, with a resolution of 0.18mm×0.18mm/pixel.



The human body is accurately reconstructed using real medical data, includes at least 6000 non-separable anatomical structures. Each anatomical structure must be annotated with a description to meet the needs of teaching.

The system has five modules: systematic anatomy, regional anatomy, sectional anatomy, anatomy micro-course, and autonomous learning.

In this system, human structures can display in 3D, which can be enlarged, reduced, and rotated at any angle.

In the system, the anatomical structure in each fault of the transverse, sagittal and coronal sections shall be circled and marked to facilitate viewing the position and range of each anatomical structure in the fault and must be associated with the 3D human body. Click any structure position of the 3D or fault, and other areas will respond synchronously.

The preset position function is set in the system to facilitate the teacher to establish magnetic stickers according to the teaching content, and quickly find the set 3D human body structure during the teaching. Each preset position magnetic sticker contains the histological slice pictures of the corresponding anatomical structure.

The structures can be displayed separately, stripped, recovered, dyed, transparent, searched, painted, and so on.

The 3D human body structures can be labeled and described.

The human body structure in the regional anatomy can be stripped layer by layer, the anatomical incision is marked, and the superficial fascia and deep fascia are kept intact, which is convenient for students to understand the level and adjacent relationship of each part.

The anatomy micro courses include systematic anatomy micro course, regional anatomy micro-course, and sectional anatomy micro course, and the number of courses shall not be less than 130.

The system is equipped with courseware. The courseware is composed of text, pictures, micro video, and 3D anatomical structure. It is an important learning material for students to preview before class and review after class. The courseware is also equipped with corresponding exercises. The exercises include theoretical exercises and specimen exercises, so as to achieve the purpose of specimen examination. The number of exercises shall not be less than 1800.

The sectional anatomy includes three parts: real human body section, CT / MR image, and 3D structure, and the structures are marked, and the three parts can correspond to each other. The number of CT / MR images is more than 1700.

The software systems have computer software copyright registration certificates and CE and FCC certifications.

5. Exhibition mode Full touch operation display.

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The hardware quality guarantee period of the product is 24 months after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, during which the buyer shall be responsible for any damage caused by the buyer; the software can be upgraded free of charge.


Company Information

Digital Human Technology focuses on the research & development and application of Chinese digital human. Working with well-known experts in famous medical schools, it has successfully developed a series of innovative products e.g. the first “Chinese Digital Human Anatomy System”, “Digital Human Clinical Operation Planning System” and “Digital Medical Morphology Autonomous Learning System”. These products have been used in more than one hundred medical colleges and physician training centers in China, which has alleviated the worldwide shortage of specimens in medical education.



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