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Digital human anatomy system integrates a large number of real human cross-sectional data into a computer to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure image of the human body. It is the result of a combination of medicine, information technology, and computer technology. It is the only digital human anatomy product based on complete Chinese sectional reconstruction at present. The content setting is close to the syllabus and easy to operate.

Key words

Application Introduction

System features

1. This system adopts the operation display mode of touch podium + 3D projection, combined with the Chinese digital human anatomy system, adopts advanced high-definition digital image processing technology and digital network technology, and combines traditional anatomy experiment courses with advanced computer virtual simulation technology. In combination, the Chinese digital human anatomy teaching or training system can seamlessly integrate with the teachers PPT courseware, embed shortcuts in the courseware, and quickly open the prefabricated virtual human anatomy structure, which greatly improves the efficiency of teaching or training and the teaching effect. It provides students or doctors with a novel learning environment, optimizes the teaching or training process, and uses brand-new digital anatomy content and 3D display mode to improve the teaching or training effect and the enthusiasm of students or doctors in learning.

2. Professional digital human anatomy system based on the three-dimensional reconstruction of continuous real tomographic images: the bilingual version of the embedded digital human anatomy system uses the real data of continuous tomography of the Chinese human body without organic diseases and no defects, and three-dimensional reconstruction of more than 6000 anatomical structures. The original data is complete, the human appendix is normal, the teeth are normal, the testis is normal, and there is no segmental data missing. Digital human cross-sectional distance: head and neck are 0.5mm, of which the base of the skull is 0.1mm, other parts are 1.0mm, and the total tomographic data is >2100. Real human body tomographic images with cross-sectional, coronal, and sagittal planes, which can be zoomed in and out at will, with a resolution of 0.18mm×0.18mm/pixel.

3. A fully functional digital anatomy teaching system: According to the catalog structure, all organs and tissues of the human body are displayed in the form of a true three-dimensional model. There are key points structure annotations and corresponding text explanations. It can be rotated and observed at any angle, including the effect of looking down and looking up. Each anatomical structure can add 3D annotations by itself. The functions of stripping, separation, and dyeing in the system settings enhance the vividness, interest, and intuitiveness of anatomy teaching.

4. Abundant teaching resources: The system covers system anatomy, regional anatomy, and tomographic anatomy. On the basis of tomographic specimen images, more than 1,700 corresponding CT and magnetic resonance images are configured, and there are more than 130 system solutions. Local solution, tomographic anatomy teaching micro-class videos, and a large number of digital exercises.

5. Hardware configuration: (1) Teaching desk: 55 inches, screen resolution: 3840*2160, brightness 400 cd/m2, capacitive 10-point touch system.

(2) Computer: CPU I5, 8G DDR memory, 240 solid-state hard drives or 500G mechanical hard drive optional, wireless network card, 2G independent graphics card supports 4K output.

(3) Projector: Educational engineering projector, DLP projection technology, nominal brightness (lumens): 5000 lumens; standard resolution (dpi): 1920×1080; contrast: 2000:1; stereoscopic 3D technology projection, standard configuration Active stereo glasses (2 pairs)

The software systems have computer software copyright registration certificates and CE and FCC certifications.


Exhibition mode Full touch operation display.

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Selling Units: Single item

Single package size: X50X250 cm

Single gross weight: 500.000 kg

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The hardware quality guarantee period of the product is 24 months after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, during which the buyer shall be responsible for any damage caused by the buyer; the software can be upgraded free of charge.


Company Information

Shandong Digihuman Technology Co., Inc. was established in August 2015 by restructuring Shandong Echung Electronics Co., Ltd. Located within Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, it is a high-tech enterprise and double-soft enterprise in Shandong Province. The company mainly focuses on the application and R&D of the digital human body system and takes domestic leading positions in applications and R&D of multiple fields, such as China Digihuman Anatomy System, digital medical image processing, and digital medical teaching platform.


As a public company listed in the capital market, Shandong Digihuman Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and application of digital human products. Recognized as "High-tech Enterprises" and "Enterprises with Double Certifications of Software Registration and Software Business", it is equipped with research platforms including provincial "Engineering Research Center", "Software Technology Center" and "Postdoctoral Innovation & Practice Workstation" and involved in the three fields of clinical medication, medical education and life science popularization, providing epoch-making products.



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