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Skull base (horizontal cut of skull)

"Digihuman Technology" constructs 3D digital anatomical models with multiple structures through high-precision digital human data, extracts the voxels of the corresponding parts of the digital human data as texture maps of the digital models, and prints high-simulation anatomical specimen models using full-color, multi-material 3D printers, in order to provide 1:1 high-simulation physical anatomical models for cadaveric specimens that are severely lacking. :1 high-simulation physical anatomical models.

Key words

Application Introduction


Introduction to Specimen

Material: hard material                      Data source: Digital human model

The texture features of the unevenness of the skull base are obvious. All the holes, fissures and protrusions that enter and exit the skull maintain the state of the real skull, such as sieve holes, rupture holes, spinous holes, carotid tubes and other structures. The flat, thin and slender structures of the sphenoid pterygoid process, pear bone, inferior turbinate, and styloid process can also be accurately displayed. The foramen ovale, foramen ovale, petrous part of the temporal bone, grooves, fissures, protrusions, depressions, holes, impressions and other anatomical signs are clear and distinguishable.


Printing results

According to different specimen needs to choose full-color hard printing, soft and hard composite printing, full-color soft printing and other printing effects, the model material are transparent molding material and opaque molding material, printing support select automatic mode. The models are made of transparent molding material and opaque molding material, and the printing support is selected in automatic mode.
The 3D printed model has a similar weight and hardness to the real anatomical specimen, and has the same sense of touch and operation experience as the real anatomical specimen. The 3D printed model has a similar feeling of weight and softness as the real anatomical specimen, and has the experience of touch and manipulation as the real one. The realism, accuracy, and expressiveness of anatomical details of anatomical structures have been unanimously approved by anatomists, hand surgeons, and brain surgeons. The anatomical structure, accuracy, and anatomical details are unanimously approved by anatomists, hand surgeons and brain surgeons.
The printed 3D models differed slightly in tone from the corresponding digital models, but there were no significant differences in geometry, anatomical details, or textural features.

Company information

Shandong Digihuman Technology Co., Inc. was established in August 2015 by restructuring Shandong Echung Electronics Co., Ltd. Located within Jinan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, it is a high-tech enterprise and double-soft enterprise in Shandong Province. The company mainly focuses on the application and R&D of the digital human body system and takes domestic leading positions in applications and R&D of multiple fields, such as China Digihuman Anatomy System, digital medical image processing, and digital medical teaching platform.

As a public company listed in the capital market, Shandong Digihuman Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and application of digital human products. Recognized as "High-tech Enterprises" and "Enterprises with Double Certifications of Software Registration and Software Business", it is equipped with research platforms including provincial "Engineering Research Center", "Software Technology Center" and "Postdoctoral Innovation & Practice Workstation" and involved in the three fields of clinical medication, medical education and life science popularization, providing epoch-making products.



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