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Digital human anatomy system integrates a large number of real human cross-sectional data into a computer to reconstruct the three-dimensional structure image of the human body. It is the result of the combination of medicine, information technology, and computer technology. It is the only digital human anatomy product based on complete Chinese sectional reconstruction at present. The content setting is close to the syllabus and easy to operate.

Key words

Application Introduction

1.  System features

(1) Accurate data and clear images: The system combines the image of a continuous cross-section of human specimens.

(2) CT/MRI, scanning space between 1mm-3mm, in Male;1mm-4mm in Female. among head and chest by 1mm.

(3) 3D structure is elaboration and reality: The anatomical system of the Echung Digital human is shown by a high resolution of 4K

(4) Rich in function and easy to operate: the system has designed a variety of quick and convenient functions, including background switching, tagging, separation, transparency, dyeing, peeling, searching, Chinese and English, easy drawing, etc.



Accurate data

The system is developed using continuous transverse sectional images of human specimens. The section precision for men and women was 0.1-1mm and 0.1-0.5mm, respectively, and the thickness is unequal. In the parts of the head and chest, the layer spacing is up to 0.1mm because they need to be displayed finely.


3D structures Fine and realistic

More than 5000 fine and realistic reconstructed anatomical structures were embedded in ECHUNG Digital Human Anatomy System, which can provide a lot of material for anatomy teaching.


Multi-angle Stereoscopic observation

The digital human can be rotated at any angle and arbitrarily zoom in and out. It can be observed in all directions from the perspective of looking up and looking down. The structures will be more visual and intuitive contrasting with the models and specimens.


It covers the contents of systematic anatomy + regional anatomy + sectional anatomy and has anatomy micro-courses and a self-learning module.



Packaging & Shipping


Selling Units: Single item

Single package size: 150X50X250 cm

Single gross weight: 500.000 kg

Package Type: Standard for Export

Our Services


The hardware quality guarantee period of the product is 24 months after the arrival of the goods at the port of destination, during which the buyer shall be responsible for any damage caused by the buyer; the software can be upgraded free of charge 

Company Information

Digital Human Technology focuses on the research & development and application of Chinese digital human. Working with well-known experts in famous medical schools, it has successfully developed a series of innovative products e.g. the first “Chinese Digital Human Anatomy System”, “Digital Human Clinical Operation Planning System” and “Digital Medical Morphology Autonomous Learning System”. These products have been used in more than one hundred medical colleges and physician training centers in China, which has alleviated the worldwide shortage of specimens in medical education.



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